Lead Based Paint Inspection, Documentation

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Lead-Based Paint Inspection Drawing There are seven documents that make up a Lead-Based Paint Inspection report. In an earlier post I showed an example of HUD Form 7.1, The Single Family Housing LBP Testing Data Sheet.  Form 7.1 is all of the results from the XRF testing of your home. Bay Area Lead Detectors measures […]

New Childhood Lead Poisioning Limits

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I read an article in my local paper recently that a federal government advisory committee is considering lowering the definition of lead poisoning for children from 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood to 5 micrograms per deciliter. The article was from the Associated Press and was written by Mike Stobbe.  The article was […]

Lead Paint Inspection Vs. Risk Assessment

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This post was plagiarized recently. When searched for you are taken to the site that stole this article even though they have removed it from their site. So I’ve decided to re-post it in hopes that you will be brought here.  Thank You reading! I’ve been asked, “What is the difference between a lead inspection […]

Lead-Based Paint Inspection Results

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This is a page from the Single Family Housing LBP Testing Data Sheet. This is similar to HUD form 7.1. Single Family Housing LBP Testing Data Sheet This form contains all of the testing combinations and the XRF readings taken during the inspection. In my next few blogs I’ll explain the information contained on this […]

Project Clearance Testing

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  I read a letter in a magazine questioning the EPA’s self clearance procedure for the Renovation Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). The letter talked about the EPA’s possible rule change requiring third party clearance for RRP projects in order to reduce/eliminate clearance issues. In California, Certified Inspectors are authorized to perform project clearance testing. […]

Lead Paint Test Kits

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The Remodeling Contractors I’ve been talking with have been reluctant to hire a Certified Inspector to test their projects for lead- based paint. Many have been using and misusing Lead Paint Test Kits. They’ve also been unaware of the fact that it is often less expensive to hire an Inspector than to purchase and use […]

Lead Paint Inspection

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) define a  Lead Paint Inspection as a surface-by-surface investigation  to determine the presence of lead-based paint. In California, Lead Paint Inspections are performed by Certified Inspectors/ Risk Assessors. The California Department of Public Health certifies and licenses Inspectors in […]

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