Lead in Bathtub Glaze

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   I just read an article in the Dallas Morning News by Valerie Wigglesworth regarding lead in old bathtubs. Lead can leach into the bath water and be ingested by children as they are bathing. If you have an older tub it  should be presumed to have lead in the glaze and to be leaching […]

Lead Paint Testing

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I just read the January 3’rd NARI National News Weekly LRRP Corner. There was a question:”Is Lead Paint Testing Required under LRRP?” The Answer: “No. A firm may always assume the presence of lead-based paint and proceed in accordance with all LRRP requirements.” As a Contractor I thought “That’s great, I get to deal with […]

Lead-Based Paint Inspection Results, 2

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I get many questions about where the lead is in a given test result. If you look at the previous blog entry you can see a sample LBP Testing Data Sheet which contains the readings from the XRF Analyzer. Column “O”  Contains the Depth Index for each test result.   The results will be from 1 […]

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