Lead Paint Testing

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I just read the January 3’rd NARI National News Weekly LRRP Corner. There was a question:”Is Lead Paint Testing Required under LRRP?”

The Answer: “No. A firm may always assume the presence of lead-based paint and proceed in accordance with all LRRP requirements.”

As a Contractor I thought “That’s great, I get to deal with the LRRP requirements on just about every job I do”.  As a Lead Inspector my thought is ” If contractors have their projects tested for lead paint they’ll only have to deal with the LRRP requirements on the building components that test positive. They won’t have to deal with the LRRP requirements on the projects and components that test negative”! I’ve tested many residences here in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I haven’t tested a house yet that has had every building component test positive. Lead Paint Testing is a great tool for contractors working on  homes that fall under the Lead Renovation and Repair Rule. As an example I had a contractor who was demolishing a building’s interior and only had to deal with the LRRP requirement for the interior wood work. All of the plaster surfaces in the building tested negative for lead. This was a huge savings for the contractor and his customer.

If you are a contractor working on homes that fall under the LRRP requirement look into Lead Paint Testing, it will save you time and money on your projects. It will also tell your customers and your employees that you are serious about their safety and welfare.

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